About Nimrod

Who is Nimrod?

Nimrod as a word means "we shall rebel", as a term it usually refers to a hunter the name also meaning "great hunter" from its Biblical reference. The Nimrod of myth was a Syrian/Babylonian king and a great astrologer. He has been attributed as responsible for the commissioning of the building of the Tower of Babel. He was also a great hunter and a self-proclaimed God-King, according to the Bible, the first king among men. He was given by his father the garment that Adam had worn upon being expelled from the Garden of Eden. This garment Adam had left to Enoch, Enoch to Methuselah, Methuselah to Noah who took it with him into the ark. Here Ham stole it and left it to his son Kush, Nimrod's father. When worn this garment allegedly granted invulnerability and invincibility upon its wearer, allowing him to easily conquer all his enemies and slew all hostile armies.

With these clothes made for Adam and Eve by God himself, Nimrod possessed great power. When worn all animals, the beasts of the fields and the animals in the air came at once to prostrate themselves before him. He was responsible for building more than the infamous Tower of Babel, however. He built many cities, most notibly Nimrud in Iraq, known as Calah in ancient times, the military capital of the Assyrians. (For a list of some of his other cities look in the Encyclopaedia Britannica.) And so Nimrod was known as a mighty hunter and Nimrod is also associated with hunters. Take for instance the RAF Nimrod plane, named so because it "hunts" the target. Edward Elgar's famous Enigma variant, Nimrod was a portrait of his publisher, A. J. Jaeger, which in German (Jäger) means 'hunter'.

There are many other folktales associated with the legendary Nimrod. For instance, according to Hungarian tradition, Nimrod's sons Hunor and Magyar were the patriarchs of the Huns and Hungarians (respectively). One of my favourites is the legend of the Finger Cave in Israel. Legend has it that Nimrod, the mighty hunter, was strolling along a cliff-face when he observed some honey bees gathered around a crack. Knowing this to be the nest, and feeling a sudden craving for the sweet honey he thrust his finger into the crack to get at some of the honey. But the bees were angry and stung his finger which swelled so much that it was stuck fast in the crack of the cliff. With all his might he pulled and as his finger came out so the cliff-face opened and a cave was formed with three chambers. This was henceforth known as The Finger Cave.

Is it your real name?

Yes, it is my real name, and proud of it. For all you Americans and Canadians who know it as a derogatory slang, read the above. However, I have actually found a Nimrod Jones in America, which is particularly freaky! Another Nimrod is one thing, but another Nimrod Jones? Yarg! One advantage about a name like Nimrod in a country where it is unusual (not so unusual in Israel) is that everyone remembers it. However, one disadvantage with a name like Nimrod is that everyone remembers it. By this I mean that it's good that people know my name and remember it, especially when you are making contacts. However, I have found that my name sometimes precedes me and I find myself walking into situations where people know my name before I even know them at all. It also means that I have a terrible memory for names sometimes. I was once arranging to meet someone and wrote down their phone number when to my horror I realised that I didn't know who to ask for when I make the call! Another instance occurred on my very first night at the student bar. I was introducing myself when and every other person's reactions was not "Is that your real name?" but "Oh, so you're Nimrod!" - Scary if you're at all paranoid!

However, I was once contacted by another Nimrod from a village in Scotland where I was informed it was quite a common name since every firstborn son to anyone within his very large family is traditionally called Nimrod. Pretty awesome.